vrijdag 28 november 2014

My christmas wish list 2014!

Hi everybody

I was so excited to do this because I really look forward to Christmas! I love the cozyness and just how every one is together under the blankets. It's just nice to be inside with a hot chocolat when it's that cold, so I love it! And I don't have school so that's even better! With Christmas I go to my family, but here we don't have like very big presents, most of the times only a few small presents so in my christmas wish list there aren't things that are super expensive. I don't do this to brag and I'm really not going to get all these things, this is just what I would love to get and maybe you can get inspiration from it! Enjoy!

The first thing is a little bit stupid, it's UNO, it's a card game and I think it's nice to do when you're with family or you're bored or just on a holiday.

Then I want a silicone mall for decorating my cupcakes or cakes. (available at AVEVE)
A scrub is something I really need. My skin on my legs is very rough so it's good to scrub because when I scrub my legs, the roughness is less then when I don't scrub.

When it's cold in winter my feet are literally dying, they're so so so cold! That's why I asked for slippers. I think these ones from New Look are very cute but simple.

I also asked for a few gift cards from Ici Paris (perfume,...), The Sting, Rituals, iTunes,..

My nail polish from Bourjois is almost empty so I asked for it. What I love about this nail polish is that you have professional looking nails but they don't have a colour or they don't stand out. It just is beautiful to have nails that look healthy.

A cleanser is something very important for our skin as teenagers, young adults. It's important to cleanse your skin to remove makeup, any dirt and excess oil. Cleansing is also important if you have spots because they help to stop the process.

To apply the cleanser I asked for the Silk'n Sonic Clean Plus Facial Cleansing. It's a cheaper one then the one from Clarisonic.

Then I asked for a beauty organizer from IKEA.
I want to go sporting more so I asked for sport shoes, but I still don't know which one because I'm hestitating between a few ones.

Last but not least, I want a black shoulder-bag, a shoulder-bag is easy when you're going to a party and you want to dance or you don't want to have a bag constantly in your hands. I chose a black one because I now have a brown one but a black one is easier to combine.

So, this was my christmas wish list, I hope you enjoy and you now have inspiration to make your own christmas wishlist!

Thank you!
Petite Silke

vrijdag 14 november 2014

What I got for my birthday?

Hi guys

so sorry that I didn't post for 2 weeks but my computer broke so I couldn't post something... But now, I'm back! This post is about things I got for my birthday, it's really not that much because I only ask for presents when it's Christmas because I would rather get some more presents with Christmas then with my birthday and because my birthday is so close to Christmas I can wait a little bit longer. And to be sure, I'm not bragging at all! I just want to share some things I got from my birthday.
This is actually very interesting, it looks like an ordinary nail vile but you have like 4 sides on it. Every side has a different function, one is to really file your nails, one is to make them shiny,..

This is a very very very beautiful nail polish, it's not a real nail polish that you can put on without a coat under it but I think it's very pretty on a pink nail polish.

This is just a nail polish remover, I have nothing more to say about it...

A base coat is very very important if you paint your nails because it protects your nails and it also give a coat, if you put on nail polish every day I would really recommend that you use a base coat otherwhise your nails won't look as good anymore.

This is just a little perfume that I got, but it smells soooooooo delicious! I'm really searching for the bigger one because Marc Jacobs has a lot of different perfumes who are called Daisy. So if you know it please put it in the comments (:

This is something I really didn't expect, in Belgium it's hard to get a Victoria Secret body spray because you can only get them from the airport but my aunt got it for me when she went on vacation, it's so sweet and I really love it (:

Then I got these beautiful earrings from my niece, they're not to big for my head because some earrings look so big if I put them on, so she made a very good choice and they're also very pretty.

These earrings are from my brother, I always wanted some simple but beautiful earrings because I always go for something special, so I think these are very beautiful for just an ordinary day.

Then a friend of me got me a little present with shower gels and a sponge.

They're from Yves Rocher if you would know where they're from. I prefer the right (pink) one but my mom prefers the purple one, but I think they're very nice for your body.
Then I got the BEST PRESENTS EVER! My friends know I'm a huge fan of Youtube and particular from Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Niomi, Tanya, Jim, Louise,.. So these following presents were literally the best presents for me. I got Alfie's book and it's amazing, I couldn't wait to start doing the things in the book but now I'm saving some pages for if I go to a beautiful place or do something different then just my normal life, but the book is awesome!

And I got Zoe's beautiful beauty bag! It's so pretty and it has enough space to travel for me, it's a perfect size!

Then last but not least, I got Zoe's body mist! It smells AMAZING but the only thing I dislike on it is that it doesn't stay very long, after a few hours I don't smell it anymore, but that's fine by me because it smells amazing the first hours :p

I hope you liked reading it guys, I love you! 
Petite Silke