vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

School supplies haul

Hi guys,

Here I am again! This week's blog post is going about something where we really don't want to go to, it's called school. A new school year is coming and we all need to prepare ourselves to have a good start. Most of the times, I don't have a good school start, I'm tired, I stay up too late, I look horrible and I can't introduce myself properly... But yeah, this school year I'm going to try to have a better school start, so I already bought lots of stuff for school. So here are my school supplies!
So after like 3 or 4 years, I finally got a new pencil case! I kept it a little bit normal and not that colourfull because I'm now getting a little bit older and I just want to have a normal pencil case that I can use through the rest of my years of school.

Then I got this also normal wrapping-paper because it was on sale, it were like 3 packages of wrapping-paper for only 1 euro, that's soooo cheap so I couldn't resist it..

Then this is my backpack, it's a blue one with red letters from the word eastpak all over the backpack.

For maths you NEED to have a triangle because it's like the most important stuff to keep with you when you're having maths.

Then I got a large notebook also for maths because you need to note some extra things and I can also make some exercises in this notebook.

Then I got some glue, I don't know why, just because mine was empty..

This is a pen where you have like 4 different colour pens in it, I think it's super handy because then you don't need to take 4 different pens in your pencil case. Now you just have one!

Then I also got 5 new binders because mine weren't from plastic, they were from like a soft carton type, so they broke and these plastic ones are a lot harder and stronger.

Every one need some new pens because you need to write a lot when you're in school.

I also got a pen corrector because most of the time, I'm writing very fast and I make a lot of mistakes, so it's handfull to have a pen corrector so you're book is still very clean.

Last but definitely not least, some HIGHLITERS! I love them, I draw some things in my books with them, I highlite almost the whole text, I just go crazy with them :D

I know this haul was a little bit boring but we all need our school supplies!

Thank you for reading, goodbye!

Petite Silke

zondag 24 augustus 2014


Hi guys,

I really need some advice. Because I'm from Belgium I can't speak english very good. That's why my English is bad on my blog posts. So my question for you guys is: Should I continue doing my blog in English so more of you can read it or should I make my blog dutch? I really don't know what to do, so comment down below what I need to do! (:
Thank you so much guys! I love you!

Petite Silke

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

Yves rocher

Hi guys

So I have some things from Yves Rocher, it's a shop where you can find loads of moisturizing cremes, perfumes, make up,...
I bought 3 things from it, the first I bought was a moisturizing cream.

So this moisturizing cream is okay. It's not that good but it's also not bad. It moisturizes pretty good but I don't like the smell from it and it doesn't spread out that easily. It's a white cream so you really need to scrub it in very good before you can see a result. But if you have it on, it's actually really moisturizing.

I also bought a concealer and this is the one they have.

 It was the only one they had so I needed to pick that one. They had like only 3 colours but they work perfectly on loads of skin colours. It's a hard concealer so it's not a liquid concealer.. I prefer liquid concealer because I think they spread out more because when you've got this one on you can see the dry cream on your face, that's a thing I really don't like.. For under your eyes it works good for covering your dark cirkels but it doesn't work good on any redness so if I put it on my redness around my nose it really looks awfull, you actually HIGHLIGHT the redness and that's not the intention.

 Then I also got a mascara, you had 3 choices but I chose this one.

This one is a really good mascara, I have pretty long eyelashes from myself and if a mascara makes my lashes too long it doesn't look that good, so I prefer mascara's that gives you a little bit more volume and length.

 So on this picture you can see that my eyelashes are pretty long, they're not fake but I just have pretty long eyelashes.

So these pictures are with mascara, I like it when they have this length and I think that's beautiful like that. For people who don't have long eyelashes I really wouldn't prefer this mascara because otherwhise you need to put a few layers on your eyelashes and I think it's more beautiful when you just have one layer on your lashes.

So my conclusion is that I prefer drugstore makeup because it's a lot cheaper and some things are so much better.
If you have makeup or something else from Yves Rocher, please let me know what you think from it.
ps. Yves rocher has got a lovely perfume and it's smells AMAZING! It's called 'Comme un evidence L'eau' and really the next time you go to Yves Rocher you really need to smell it, it's soo lovely! 

Petite Silke

maandag 18 augustus 2014

Having an amazing time

Hi guys

Like I said in a previous blog post, I went to Pukkelpop in Hasselt (Belgium). I went for 2 days, thursday and friday. These days were amazing with wonderfull experiences and A LOT OF fun! I'll tell you a few things about it in this blog post, so enjoy! (:

So Pukkelpop was my first festival ever and when I arrived for the first day on thursday I was overwhelmed by how big this place was and how awesome it was to be part of Pukkelpop.

I was there with my friends and the first perfomance we saw on pukkelpop were The American Authors, someone told me they were pretty good but I didn't knew them so I thought let's just see.. But when I was standing there listening to their music they were sooooo good! They were amazing, I actually didn't expect that much from them but they were soooooo great! They were absolutely worth watching and an amazing start of the wonderfull Pukkelpop 2014!
So first we sat on the grass and listened to some music, this was actually such a great moment because you could really feel the atmosphere hanging out there. It was amazing. Then we went to the camping to relax and hang out a little bit. So we talked, ate and had fun on the camping. After that we went to 'Die Antwoord'. They're an African rave group but their music wasn't my type of music at all. I actually really didn't like their music and they we're pretty scary sometimes, haha. But yeah, I stayed their with my friends because some of them liked their music.. Actually that wasn't a good idea to stay there because my best friends and I we defenitely wanted to see Clean bandit but because we were at 'Die Antwoord' we were a little bit too late for Clean bandit so we had bad places at the end of the tent. That was pretty disappointing but we heared their music and they were pretty good.
That day we also went to Klangkarussel, The Editors and Flume.

For friday I was really really excited because the one and only ED SHEERAN was coming! I couldn't wait to see him and I know almost every song from him so I was overexcited!
Actually we hanged out on the camping untill 3 AM or something.. The first one we went to was John Newman and he was also pretty good. Then we went to Tinie Tempah, it was a rapper, he was also better then I expected. That's what I loved about this experience, I discovered some new bands, artist that I had never heard from and they were actually sooo good! I loved to discover them. You need to search songs from Tinie Tempah because he has pretty good songs and he can sing very good live. After him we went to the camping for like a half an hour and then, the moment I was so excited for! Me and one of my best friends are fans from Ed Sheeran and we decided to go 45 minutes before Ed Sheeran started. We first wanted to go earlier but our other friends didn't want to stand there for an hour.. So for 15 minutes we waited and then we just decided to go because we wanted some very good places in the front.. When we arrived there we needed to go earlier because every one wanted to see Ed Sheeran so badly and it was so busy! We still had some pretty good places but we could have had better ones, but that didn't matter. We stand there for like 40 minutes but they went so fast! And it also rained for like 15 minutes but that didn't matter because we we're seeing the amazing Ed Sheeran a few minutes after that. The standing in the rain, waiting for him was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! He was A-MA-ZING! Really, he was sooooo good! I knew every songs he sang and I loved to sing with his songs. He has such a good voice and he is the best in singing live. It's just the same as you hear it on the radio, but then even BETTER! No but this was the BEST perfomance I saw. I tried to take some good photos but I was overexcited so they weren't good. He is and will be my favorite ginger (: Nonono, he is and will be one of my favorite singers! Definitely! Really guys, if you have the opportunity to go, JUST GO! He's definitely worth it!

Petite Silke

woensdag 13 augustus 2014

Having fun


Tomorrow I'll be gone for 2 days, so that means I can NOT upload a new blog post on Friday.. :( I know, I know, I promised to post a new blog post every friday and I really try but sometimes I just can't post. I hope you guys aren't disappointed or that you won't ever come to my blog again because I'm really trying to post every friday. So actually I'm going to pukkelpop. It's a festival in Belgium where I live, there will come loads of artist and bands, so it will be awesome. The one guy I really look forward to see is the one and only ED SHEERAN! Omg, I really want to see him, I love his songs and I love his album! It's so beautiful and it got a variation of good songs on it. I love it when an album has like some slow songs, some pop songs, a variation of different songs. And that's what Ed Sheeran's album got. It sooooo beautiful so check it out!

Petite Silke

vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

mini Ikea haul!

Hi, everybody!

Wednesday I went to Ikea and it was soooo lovely! I love walking through it because you get like ideas for your own room or for your house when you're older. I just love seeing all the bits and pieces you can put in your house for making it cosy and lovely.
First I'll show you a few pictures from Ikea itself , not many..

Now I'll show you the things I got. I didn't get a lot because I'll probably change my room at the end of the year so if I'm now going to buy things that don't fit to my new room it's a waste of money.. 

The first thing we got was this napkin holder, it's so cute and lovely and the roses on it are very beautiful. It will be very nice if you have a one-colored napkin and you can see the roses on the napkin.

Then I got a  beautiful mirror, it's a small one and i always wanted it because it's nice if you're doing your make-up or you just need to look closesly to your face. Because sometimes when I put on my mascara, I put my face so closely to the mirror, haha. Now it's better because I now see it better.

Then we got this GORGEOUS cup! It's so beautiful and such a nice pink color. It's very very big so I like to put a hot chocolate in it.

 The last thing i got was this gorgeous cup where you can put lots of different stuff in it, like brushes, your mascaras,...

Now I'll show you my outfit from that day, it was nothing special but I liked the leather sleeves from my shirt. It makes that shirt pretty unique and special.

Now you guys also know a little bit how I look and I hope you guys enjoyed this little Ikea haul and thank you so much for reading this!

Petite Silke

vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

My July favorites

Hey, guys

so because it's now first of August and July is already over ( I know it's going soooo fast!), i'm going to do a 'July favorites'. Oh, by the way, I decided to post a new blog post every friday, well i'm going to try it (:

So the first thing I've been loving in July is my new bag from New Look! 
It's soooooo beautiful and I really love it. I was searching for a new bag but every other bag was too big or too small or i didn't like the colour,.. But this one was absolutely perfect! It's the perfect size for me and because i'm pretty small it's not too big for me but you can still put a lot of stuff in it! And it wasn't expensive so I was so happy when I saw it, I was like ' I NEED to get it', so I got it :D.

The second thing what I really liked is the body mist from Hollister
I chose the fragrance Cresent Bay from Hollister and it smells amazing! All of the fragrances are named after a beach, so that's a nice idea. Every time I walk into Hollister it smells soo good! I really wanted to smell the same so i bought this one. Because it's a body mist you can spray it over your entire body so your entire body smells delicious. I also like it because it smells like summer and vacation and because it's now summer it's the perfect time to use it. The only thing i don't really like about it, is that it can smell a little bit too strong when you spray too much, so be carefull if you spray it.

Normally I use cleaning wipes to remove my make-up but because it was a little bit expensive to buy cleaning wipes every month or something so I decided to try the Cleansing water from Garnier. It's a really good cleansing water and your skin feels very clean and fresh after you used it. It also takes off your eye make-up very gently and it doesn't irritate your eyes. Sometimes I scrub my face after this but that's because i have rash on my face and I like to scrub it after I cleaned it. The only thing I don't like is that it leaves a residue on your face, it's not that annoying because it feels like water but even though I like to throw a little bit water in my face after it.
OMG! THIS IS AMAZING! It's called Baby Lips from Maybelline and it's the best thing I've bought, really, it's sooooooo soft and it moisturizes your lips. I also love the name, it's so cute and it's actually true. I bought the normal one because i don't like to wear a tinted lip balm or a lipstick. I normally have really dry lips but after I started using it, my lips look very healthy and moisturized.
I went on vacation last week and it was pretty hot and now when I'm back, it sometimes is still hot, so I really liked to wear this shirt! It's so light and beautiful. It's sort of a crop top but underneath it you have a top where you can see right through it. I just love this shirt.

I also love the base & top coat from O.P.I, it leaves a very shiny coat on your nails and after that, your nails feel very soft. It's the perfect base coat and you can also use it as a top coat but I prefer to use it as a base coat.

A nail polish I also loved through July is So laque glossy from Bourjois. It's a very neutral, shiny, pink nail polish and it leaves a really pretty coat on your nails. I prefer to use 2 coats because then you have like really cute, baby pink nails and because I don't wear like heavy nail polishes that much I really loved this one. It's also really handy because if you're just going to the beach or just going shopping with your mom, you have very cared-looking and cute nails.

If you're a youtuber fan just like me, you'll probably have heard Happy Litlle Pill from Troye Sivan. It's such a good song and I've been loving to hear it, I listen to it almost every day. Actually I'm addicted to it.. Troye is currently working on his first album TRXYE and you can already buy Happy Litlle Pill on iTunes but you can also pre-order his other songs or just the whole album. If you haven't listened to it, you really need to listen to it right NOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXeKoGx9zoM

The last thing I've been loving to watch in July is The amazing race canada. It's a reality game show and you have like couples with relationships, they can be brother and sister or they're boyfriend and girlfriend or just friends,.. They need to travel to different provinces and there they need to do challenges. The first couple to do all the challenges can win something and the last one may or may not be eliminated.

So I hope you guys enjoyed reading the things I absolutely loved in July and comment what you're favorite things were in July or things that you also have, watch, or listen to (:

Petite Silke