vrijdag 8 augustus 2014

mini Ikea haul!

Hi, everybody!

Wednesday I went to Ikea and it was soooo lovely! I love walking through it because you get like ideas for your own room or for your house when you're older. I just love seeing all the bits and pieces you can put in your house for making it cosy and lovely.
First I'll show you a few pictures from Ikea itself , not many..

Now I'll show you the things I got. I didn't get a lot because I'll probably change my room at the end of the year so if I'm now going to buy things that don't fit to my new room it's a waste of money.. 

The first thing we got was this napkin holder, it's so cute and lovely and the roses on it are very beautiful. It will be very nice if you have a one-colored napkin and you can see the roses on the napkin.

Then I got a  beautiful mirror, it's a small one and i always wanted it because it's nice if you're doing your make-up or you just need to look closesly to your face. Because sometimes when I put on my mascara, I put my face so closely to the mirror, haha. Now it's better because I now see it better.

Then we got this GORGEOUS cup! It's so beautiful and such a nice pink color. It's very very big so I like to put a hot chocolate in it.

 The last thing i got was this gorgeous cup where you can put lots of different stuff in it, like brushes, your mascaras,...

Now I'll show you my outfit from that day, it was nothing special but I liked the leather sleeves from my shirt. It makes that shirt pretty unique and special.

Now you guys also know a little bit how I look and I hope you guys enjoyed this little Ikea haul and thank you so much for reading this!

Petite Silke

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