vrijdag 26 september 2014

Autumn/winter shoes

Hi guys

It's autumn!! And I'm planning to do a piece of a autumn/winter outfit every week untill I have done the whole outfit. So I'm going to do a blog post about shoes, trousers/skirts, sweaters and T-shirts accessories,... Today I'm going to show you some fall/winter shoes.

Here are some shoes for girls who are going to middle school or high school or something (:

1.  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather
2.  Black sneakers
3.  Sneakers- brown(beige)
4.  Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Fancy-grey
5.  Grey double Buckle Pointed Ankle Boots
6.  Chelseaboot- beige
7.  Chelseaboots-black
8.  Uggs chestnut
9.  Black boots

And then I also put some boots for a little bit older woman, like women who are 18 years or older because I think it's not that easy to go with heels to school but you can always try it.

1.  Kurt Geiger TASMIN
2.  Kurt Geiger PISTOL
3.  Kurt Geiger SAGE Black
4.  Kurt Geiger BARRIE Black
5.  Kurt Geiger RITA Black
6.  Pump
7.  Boot H&M
8.  Rag & Bone Classic Newbury booties
9.  Chanel Suede Calfskin ankleboots

I hope you now know which shoes you're picking for winter/autumn! If you bought a beautiful boot/shoe you can always send me a picture from them!

Petite Silke

vrijdag 19 september 2014

Holiday gifts

Hey guys

My mom was on vacation to Firenze and she brought some lovely earrings from me, they're beautiful and I love them!

These ones are lovely when you're just wearing a black jeans and a t-shirt and that combination is perfect for me (:

Then I also got these beautiful earrings! They're gorgeous! You have a silver rose with a diamond looking stone in the back. They're so cute and lovely and I would love wearing this with a cute skirt or  with a cute dress, I just think these are gorgeous!

My brother also went on vacation with his girlfriend and they brought some delicious things for each one of us. 
These are so yummy! I know they're for kids but omg, it's so nice! In one half you have some delicious white chocolate with a crispy thing in it and the other half is where you find the present, I throwed away the presents but the chocolate was soooooooo yummy!

OMG THESE ARE HEAVEN! I LOVE THEM! THEY'RE SOOOOOO DELICIOUS! Really you need to taste this, this is so delicious, it was so delicious so I ate almost the whole chocolate in one day, omg I know it's bad but it was just too delicious!
This is an outfit where you can wear the first earrings with. It's one of my favourite outfits, it's like perfect for days with cold mornings but lovely afternoons, even though I really don't like to wear skirts because I hate my legs but I just think this outfit is so beautiful. It's nothing special but I just really like it!

Sorry guys, this was a pretty random blog post but I hope you enjoyed it! Tell your friends about my blog if you like it! I love you!

Petite Silke

vrijdag 12 september 2014

Drugstore concealer

Hi, guys

it's friday so time for a new blog post! I bought a new concealer a few weeks ago. It's from essence and it's a really good one for a really low price, it was like only 4 euros or something. But it covers up well and it isn't shiny or something even if you don't use powder after it. But I would recommend to use powder because you never know if you're going to sweat or something.

So I don't know if some of you know how to use a concealer. I'll try to explain it. So if you have a liquid concealer like me you'll need to take the 'brush' out and wipe a little bit from the concealer off because otherwhise you have too much. Now you need to spread it under your eyes and on any redness or spots you have. For concealer the best way to hide those things is to gently press on the concealer so you actually 'push' it in your skin. This is the best way of applying concealer because if you just rub it then it will go away and you won't have a good result.

So this is the concealer that I used, because I have a light skin tone, I got the one '20 soft beige'. You need to see in the store wich one fits the best with you but it does need to be a little bit lighter than your actual skin tone.

This is before I put on the concealer, you see, I have dark circles underneath my eyes and redness around my nose.
Here I did concealer on the right side but not on the left side and you can definitely see the difference.

So this is the result, I have less dark cirkles or you can't see them that clear as before and my redness around my nose is a lot less.

I definitely would recommend to put some powder over it so it stays, at first I thought that it won't help but since I've got it, it's super good and your makeup stays a lot longer.
I hope you enjoyed this little review and thank you for reading! Goodbye!

Petite Silke

vrijdag 5 september 2014

How to remove nail polish without remover?

Hi guys,

We all know the problem, you're in a different place then home and you're nails look awful but you don't have a nail polish remover with you.. I found a few things that can help if you're on a trip and you don't have a remover with you!
The first thing I think that really works is just scratch it off from your nails with your other nail. The first thing I like to do so it's a little bit easier is just hold your nails under warm water, during this whole scratching off you need to hold your nails under warm water the whole time.

Then you just scratch it of to almost the end of your nails and it looks like this. 

Now you can just take the whole nail polish off and your nail polish is removed.

I need to tell you guys that it doesn't work that good with every nail polish but if you have 2 layers over your nails then you can almost scratch it off with every nail polish (:

You also have some other methods to remove your nail polish without remover.
You can spray deodorant, hair spray, perfume or body spray over your nails and then remove it with a cotton. I think it's a lot easier with the previous method I told you but if you don't want to do that you can also do it with these things.

With the last method you need to have a top coat nail polish. You then polish your first nail with your top coat and then you wipe it off with a cotton when it's still wet. You repeat this with every nail and you need to polish your nails with the top coat a few times for the nail polish is removed!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and that I helped you to remove your nail polish without remover.

petite Silke