vrijdag 26 september 2014

Autumn/winter shoes

Hi guys

It's autumn!! And I'm planning to do a piece of a autumn/winter outfit every week untill I have done the whole outfit. So I'm going to do a blog post about shoes, trousers/skirts, sweaters and T-shirts accessories,... Today I'm going to show you some fall/winter shoes.

Here are some shoes for girls who are going to middle school or high school or something (:

1.  Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Leather
2.  Black sneakers
3.  Sneakers- brown(beige)
4.  Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Fancy-grey
5.  Grey double Buckle Pointed Ankle Boots
6.  Chelseaboot- beige
7.  Chelseaboots-black
8.  Uggs chestnut
9.  Black boots

And then I also put some boots for a little bit older woman, like women who are 18 years or older because I think it's not that easy to go with heels to school but you can always try it.

1.  Kurt Geiger TASMIN
2.  Kurt Geiger PISTOL
3.  Kurt Geiger SAGE Black
4.  Kurt Geiger BARRIE Black
5.  Kurt Geiger RITA Black
6.  Pump
7.  Boot H&M
8.  Rag & Bone Classic Newbury booties
9.  Chanel Suede Calfskin ankleboots

I hope you now know which shoes you're picking for winter/autumn! If you bought a beautiful boot/shoe you can always send me a picture from them!

Petite Silke

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