vrijdag 3 oktober 2014

Autumn/ winter coats

Hi guys

So the second thing I'm going to show you are coats! I think it's so much fun to do this kind of stuff, like searching different sites to look for some beautiful coats and Twitter also helped me a lot, fashion sites follow me on twitter and I like to take a look at them and it's so much fun to see some other fashion sites that you don't know (: Ps my twitter is @thesilkedairies

1.  America Today Jazzy
2. Lookbookstore Collar Maxi Grey Cardigan
3. New Look Black Check Turn Up Sleeve Blazer
4. New Look White Tribal Print Drop Pocket Blazer
5. New Look Cream Leather-Look Sleeve Wool Coat
6. H&M Coat
7. ASOS Coat With Leather Look Sleeves
8. Primark Coat
9. H&M pink coat
10. H&M Jacket
11. H&M coat
12.H&M coat
13. Lookbookstore Camel Pea Coat
14. Lookbookstore Cable Knit Oversized Cardigan
15. Lookbookstore Apricot Trench Coat
16. ASOS Structured Shoulder Biker With Quilt Detail
17. The Sting Biker Jacket Green

You also need to check out this site: http://www.gutsgusto.com/ there are also a lot of lovely clothes on it. I hope you get a little bit of an idea for a autumn/winter coat.

Hope you enjoyed!

Petite Silke

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