vrijdag 10 oktober 2014

Autumn/ winter pants and skirts!

Hi guys,

today I'm going to show you some beautiful autumn/winter pants and skirts! I love the darker colours of pants, they're so easy to combine and they can seem though and stylish . Hope you enjoy!

1. Superstretch high waisted - H&M
2. Strechtpants black - H&M
3. Superstretch blue
4. Stretch pants grey - H&M
5. Skinny Low Jeans - H&M
6. Skinny Low Ankle Jeans - H&M
7. Skinny Black Regular Jeans - H&M
8. Skinny Blue Low Jeans - H&M
9. Petite Black Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans- New Look
10. Skinny Black- Pimkie
11. Slim Skinny Jeans Grey - Pimkie
12. Slim Skinny Jeans Black - Pimkie

Then I also find some beautiful skirts, I know you don't wear skirts that many in winter but in autumn or with some tights or something (;

1. Circle skirt - H&M
2. Black Printed Skort - New Look
3. Black Chiffon Wrap Side Maxi Skirt - New Look
4. Black Jacquard Floral Print Skater Skirt - New Look
5. Skirt Black And White - Pimkie
6. Tube Skirt - Pimkie
7. Mini Skirt Stripes - Pimkie
8. Skirt - Pimkie

I hope you enjoyed! See you next week, same day, same time (:

Petite Silke

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