vrijdag 12 september 2014

Drugstore concealer

Hi, guys

it's friday so time for a new blog post! I bought a new concealer a few weeks ago. It's from essence and it's a really good one for a really low price, it was like only 4 euros or something. But it covers up well and it isn't shiny or something even if you don't use powder after it. But I would recommend to use powder because you never know if you're going to sweat or something.

So I don't know if some of you know how to use a concealer. I'll try to explain it. So if you have a liquid concealer like me you'll need to take the 'brush' out and wipe a little bit from the concealer off because otherwhise you have too much. Now you need to spread it under your eyes and on any redness or spots you have. For concealer the best way to hide those things is to gently press on the concealer so you actually 'push' it in your skin. This is the best way of applying concealer because if you just rub it then it will go away and you won't have a good result.

So this is the concealer that I used, because I have a light skin tone, I got the one '20 soft beige'. You need to see in the store wich one fits the best with you but it does need to be a little bit lighter than your actual skin tone.

This is before I put on the concealer, you see, I have dark circles underneath my eyes and redness around my nose.
Here I did concealer on the right side but not on the left side and you can definitely see the difference.

So this is the result, I have less dark cirkles or you can't see them that clear as before and my redness around my nose is a lot less.

I definitely would recommend to put some powder over it so it stays, at first I thought that it won't help but since I've got it, it's super good and your makeup stays a lot longer.
I hope you enjoyed this little review and thank you for reading! Goodbye!

Petite Silke

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