vrijdag 29 augustus 2014

School supplies haul

Hi guys,

Here I am again! This week's blog post is going about something where we really don't want to go to, it's called school. A new school year is coming and we all need to prepare ourselves to have a good start. Most of the times, I don't have a good school start, I'm tired, I stay up too late, I look horrible and I can't introduce myself properly... But yeah, this school year I'm going to try to have a better school start, so I already bought lots of stuff for school. So here are my school supplies!
So after like 3 or 4 years, I finally got a new pencil case! I kept it a little bit normal and not that colourfull because I'm now getting a little bit older and I just want to have a normal pencil case that I can use through the rest of my years of school.

Then I got this also normal wrapping-paper because it was on sale, it were like 3 packages of wrapping-paper for only 1 euro, that's soooo cheap so I couldn't resist it..

Then this is my backpack, it's a blue one with red letters from the word eastpak all over the backpack.

For maths you NEED to have a triangle because it's like the most important stuff to keep with you when you're having maths.

Then I got a large notebook also for maths because you need to note some extra things and I can also make some exercises in this notebook.

Then I got some glue, I don't know why, just because mine was empty..

This is a pen where you have like 4 different colour pens in it, I think it's super handy because then you don't need to take 4 different pens in your pencil case. Now you just have one!

Then I also got 5 new binders because mine weren't from plastic, they were from like a soft carton type, so they broke and these plastic ones are a lot harder and stronger.

Every one need some new pens because you need to write a lot when you're in school.

I also got a pen corrector because most of the time, I'm writing very fast and I make a lot of mistakes, so it's handfull to have a pen corrector so you're book is still very clean.

Last but definitely not least, some HIGHLITERS! I love them, I draw some things in my books with them, I highlite almost the whole text, I just go crazy with them :D

I know this haul was a little bit boring but we all need our school supplies!

Thank you for reading, goodbye!

Petite Silke

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