maandag 18 augustus 2014

Having an amazing time

Hi guys

Like I said in a previous blog post, I went to Pukkelpop in Hasselt (Belgium). I went for 2 days, thursday and friday. These days were amazing with wonderfull experiences and A LOT OF fun! I'll tell you a few things about it in this blog post, so enjoy! (:

So Pukkelpop was my first festival ever and when I arrived for the first day on thursday I was overwhelmed by how big this place was and how awesome it was to be part of Pukkelpop.

I was there with my friends and the first perfomance we saw on pukkelpop were The American Authors, someone told me they were pretty good but I didn't knew them so I thought let's just see.. But when I was standing there listening to their music they were sooooo good! They were amazing, I actually didn't expect that much from them but they were soooooo great! They were absolutely worth watching and an amazing start of the wonderfull Pukkelpop 2014!
So first we sat on the grass and listened to some music, this was actually such a great moment because you could really feel the atmosphere hanging out there. It was amazing. Then we went to the camping to relax and hang out a little bit. So we talked, ate and had fun on the camping. After that we went to 'Die Antwoord'. They're an African rave group but their music wasn't my type of music at all. I actually really didn't like their music and they we're pretty scary sometimes, haha. But yeah, I stayed their with my friends because some of them liked their music.. Actually that wasn't a good idea to stay there because my best friends and I we defenitely wanted to see Clean bandit but because we were at 'Die Antwoord' we were a little bit too late for Clean bandit so we had bad places at the end of the tent. That was pretty disappointing but we heared their music and they were pretty good.
That day we also went to Klangkarussel, The Editors and Flume.

For friday I was really really excited because the one and only ED SHEERAN was coming! I couldn't wait to see him and I know almost every song from him so I was overexcited!
Actually we hanged out on the camping untill 3 AM or something.. The first one we went to was John Newman and he was also pretty good. Then we went to Tinie Tempah, it was a rapper, he was also better then I expected. That's what I loved about this experience, I discovered some new bands, artist that I had never heard from and they were actually sooo good! I loved to discover them. You need to search songs from Tinie Tempah because he has pretty good songs and he can sing very good live. After him we went to the camping for like a half an hour and then, the moment I was so excited for! Me and one of my best friends are fans from Ed Sheeran and we decided to go 45 minutes before Ed Sheeran started. We first wanted to go earlier but our other friends didn't want to stand there for an hour.. So for 15 minutes we waited and then we just decided to go because we wanted some very good places in the front.. When we arrived there we needed to go earlier because every one wanted to see Ed Sheeran so badly and it was so busy! We still had some pretty good places but we could have had better ones, but that didn't matter. We stand there for like 40 minutes but they went so fast! And it also rained for like 15 minutes but that didn't matter because we we're seeing the amazing Ed Sheeran a few minutes after that. The standing in the rain, waiting for him was ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! He was A-MA-ZING! Really, he was sooooo good! I knew every songs he sang and I loved to sing with his songs. He has such a good voice and he is the best in singing live. It's just the same as you hear it on the radio, but then even BETTER! No but this was the BEST perfomance I saw. I tried to take some good photos but I was overexcited so they weren't good. He is and will be my favorite ginger (: Nonono, he is and will be one of my favorite singers! Definitely! Really guys, if you have the opportunity to go, JUST GO! He's definitely worth it!

Petite Silke

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