vrijdag 14 november 2014

What I got for my birthday?

Hi guys

so sorry that I didn't post for 2 weeks but my computer broke so I couldn't post something... But now, I'm back! This post is about things I got for my birthday, it's really not that much because I only ask for presents when it's Christmas because I would rather get some more presents with Christmas then with my birthday and because my birthday is so close to Christmas I can wait a little bit longer. And to be sure, I'm not bragging at all! I just want to share some things I got from my birthday.
This is actually very interesting, it looks like an ordinary nail vile but you have like 4 sides on it. Every side has a different function, one is to really file your nails, one is to make them shiny,..

This is a very very very beautiful nail polish, it's not a real nail polish that you can put on without a coat under it but I think it's very pretty on a pink nail polish.

This is just a nail polish remover, I have nothing more to say about it...

A base coat is very very important if you paint your nails because it protects your nails and it also give a coat, if you put on nail polish every day I would really recommend that you use a base coat otherwhise your nails won't look as good anymore.

This is just a little perfume that I got, but it smells soooooooo delicious! I'm really searching for the bigger one because Marc Jacobs has a lot of different perfumes who are called Daisy. So if you know it please put it in the comments (:

This is something I really didn't expect, in Belgium it's hard to get a Victoria Secret body spray because you can only get them from the airport but my aunt got it for me when she went on vacation, it's so sweet and I really love it (:

Then I got these beautiful earrings from my niece, they're not to big for my head because some earrings look so big if I put them on, so she made a very good choice and they're also very pretty.

These earrings are from my brother, I always wanted some simple but beautiful earrings because I always go for something special, so I think these are very beautiful for just an ordinary day.

Then a friend of me got me a little present with shower gels and a sponge.

They're from Yves Rocher if you would know where they're from. I prefer the right (pink) one but my mom prefers the purple one, but I think they're very nice for your body.
Then I got the BEST PRESENTS EVER! My friends know I'm a huge fan of Youtube and particular from Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Niomi, Tanya, Jim, Louise,.. So these following presents were literally the best presents for me. I got Alfie's book and it's amazing, I couldn't wait to start doing the things in the book but now I'm saving some pages for if I go to a beautiful place or do something different then just my normal life, but the book is awesome!

And I got Zoe's beautiful beauty bag! It's so pretty and it has enough space to travel for me, it's a perfect size!

Then last but not least, I got Zoe's body mist! It smells AMAZING but the only thing I dislike on it is that it doesn't stay very long, after a few hours I don't smell it anymore, but that's fine by me because it smells amazing the first hours :p

I hope you liked reading it guys, I love you! 
Petite Silke

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