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How to wrap your christmas presents?

Hi guys

sorry that I didn't post something for ages but I have had a busy week because I have had exams for 2 weeks and then I went shopping for christmas presents so I didn't have much time to write and I don't want to give you a post that's rushed because then it's even worser than it now is. So I'm going to give you some ideas from how you can wrap your presents originally or just beautiful. I hope you enjoy!

This is so simple but so fun. I know nobody is going to color the paper in but it's just a nice idea and lovely to receive.

Then you can also print out the lyrics from Jingle bells and wrap your present with it, because I had a big present and I really wanted to do it with her present I just stick it on it but it's fun if you could wrap it with a little present.
This is what I did:

I also really like this, this is where you wrap your present with a newspaper, with the ribbon it just makes it complete. It looks like the delivery-man just dropped it in front of your door, I just like it.

If you have a few of little presents this is the perfect idea! You first need to wrap every matchbox separately. Then you put your little presents in them and then you can either stick them to a plate or either stick them together on top of eachother.

You can also wrap your presents normally and stick any kind of candy you like, the ones they usually use are cherries or lollipops. Here are a few examples

Most people use christmas socks to put their stockings in it but you can also use to put some presents in them.

You can also use the 'Japanese diagonal wrapping' technique.

Christmas trees or reindeers are the perfect examples of things you can stick or paint or spray it with a spray can on your wrapping paper to make it more special.

You always need to write the name for who the present is on your present and normally you just write the name on the bottom of the present but you can do that more originally and cut out the name from the person from a newspaper or a magazine.

But there are a lot of different ways to wrap a present, just do what's the easiest for you and what you like to do (:

 I hope you enjoyed this christmas related post and if you do one of these, send me a picture on Twitter @thesilkedairies 
Thank you for reading, I love you!

Petite Silke

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