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What I got for Christmas 2014

Hi everyone

first of all, I hope you had a lovely christmas and if you don't celebrate christmas, I hope you had a nice day. In this blog post I'm going to show you what I got for christmas. I don't do this to brag, I just think it's nice to show you what I got because I love to watch videos from what people got. Enjoy reading!

From my brother I got this hand cream and a ticket for a brother-sisternight to have some pizza or fries and just watch a movie so that's very sweet of him!
I also got this hand cream from the body shop, it's very strong but it smells amazing! 
I also got a scrub from the Body Shop so that's nice (:

And a scrub from Rituals, so I can scrub for a few months :p

From my aunt I got a shower gel and a body polish from the Body Shop.

From the girlfriend from my brother I got this set from Yves Rocher with chocolat but I've already eaten the chocolat. But in the set you have a body lotion, a shower gel, something to do in your bath so there are a lot of PINK bubbles and the last thing is a sponge to srub or just wash yourself.

This is very handy, when I go on vacation or I go to a friend and my nail breaks or something it's handy to have a file with you and this is pretty small so it's easy to put in a bag or something.

My niece got me a day cream because when my face feels dry or it feels like it needs a little more care it's good to have a day cream. I personally don't think I'm going to use it daily because I don't want that my skin is already used to use it at such a young age, because when I'm older, I will probably use it daily and I just want to let my skin rest at this age.

This is something I love :D I got this for my friend's birthday but I also really liked it because I put all my earrings in a box so when I was in a rush, I still needed to find two earrings that were the same so know I can hang my earrings together and I can also put a few rings and bracelets in the space underneath the earrings.

This is something to put just random things in and you can also put pictures in it, so it's very cute but I still don't know what I'm going to put in it, if you know something, put it in the comments below (:

Oh gosh, I love this nail polish! It's from Bourjois and I personally think Bourjois has some amazing nail polishes. They cover very good and they give your nails a beautiful shine. The right one is amazing for days when you just want to have cared-looking nails and not some bright colours or something.

This is a hair brush from Dessata, it's like the one from Tangle Teezer, it fits in your hand and it doesn't hurt at all (:

I got a blush brush from Ici Paris XL because mine wasn't that good and these ones are also from a very good quality and they're very very soft!
Oh gosh, I didn't knew that this existed but it's A-MA-ZING! You need to put this bag in your closet and it gives your closet and clothes a lovely smell, so every time I open my closet it smells so amazing, I love it! 

Then I got already a few things for when I'm going to move or when I go to college. It's a towel and a bathroom set and it's from Snoopy, it's just so cute! (:

Then I got 2 gift cards from Ici Paris XL because they have makeup, perfumes, brushes and a lot more, so it's always nice to get something from there.

Jep, I asked for Uno and I got it! :p I lately played it with a friend and it's just nice to do when you have a birthday party and you're with your family or when you're bored. It's just a nice little game.

From my niece I got this cute little pocket diary because I mostly write the things I need to do on my phone but now and then I forget to check them so I forget things...

Oh, I love this one! I got a beautiful sweatpants/pyjama bottoms and I love when they're a little bit tight but still loose and that's what this one is. I just love to wear it when I'm home (:

I love to drink Ice Tea so my mom got me a Ice Tea glass because I always drink it in an ordinary glass but it doesn't taste that good in an ordinary glass so I got this glass.

From my brother I got a tasty bueno and something that you put in your hot milk and it turns it in a hot chocolate and it is delicious!

Last but certainly not least, my new sport shoes! I love them, I think they're gorgeous and they're also from a very good quality, but yeah, what do you expect from Nike? :p

Thank you so much for reading, for some this might be not that much, for others it's very much. I'm happy with what I got, very happy and I'm very gratefull for everyone who gave it to me. I hope you had an amazing christmas and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post.

    Petite Silke 

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