zondag 8 maart 2015

Asos wishlist!

Hi everybody

i've been seeing some nice clothes on Asos lately, so I thought I would do a wishlist! Here it is, I hope you enjoy!

                                                                        Black shirt

For people with the same size as me, these clothes will be perfect for you! They're all available in small sizes so you don't need to worry! A little advice: If you're 'petite' like me, don't go for too long skirt/dresses because it will make you look even smaller and most of the time it will be lower on you than it looks on the picture. I think Asos is a perfect site if you are small or big or i don't know because they have a lot of clothes for a lot of sizes. They also have little departments like 'petite' like me, 'tall', 'maternity',... 

This was my wishlist! See you next week! Sorry for the small blog post but I'm and I will be very busy with school..


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