zondag 1 maart 2015

Starting to work out!

Hi everyone

so lately I've been trying to work out a lot more then I used to. Because i don't play sports i'm not in a good shape so one day I said to myself, 'you need to change that', so I did. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to work out at all because I mostly feel sweaty and gross after it. The first step to start for me is to set yourself a goal. My goal was to have a nice summer body when I'm on vacation or something. Because my friend is in a very good shape and i'm literally so jealous of her, I set my goal to get the same shape as her. When you have a goal it's really easier because you know what you want and you can really push yourself to accomplish your goal. I know every begin is difficult but once you get on it, it will go easier and easier every time. I'm not saying that you're never going to skip your exercise again but after a few times it's just like a routine. It will be something that you need to do in your day, like showering or brushing your teeth (I know ,stupid examples). Because i'm in a very bad shape, I started 'easy' for some people. You can't push yourself too much in the beginning because you will probably get muscule pain the next day and you'll probably just skip your workout. I also started 'easy' because I just couldn't handle it. To help me with my 'easy' workout I found the app: the seven minute workout. It's such a nice app and it's a workout that is possible for me to do, so it was the perfect app for me. In the app you need to do 12 exercises, you need to do each exercise for 30 seconds and then you get 10 seconds to get ready for the next one. That's a total of almost seven minutes. Because i'm doing these exercises already a few times I searched on the internet and found some other exercises to get in shape. So I used the same principle but I changed the exercises. You can change it the way it works the best for you. You can add some exercises or leave some behind. I also added a few exercises to make my bottom look good so I will put the link down below (:

This is what the app looks like and there is a voice that motivates you or says how long you need to do that exercise. You can change your voice to a female voice or a male voice, whatever you prefer.

  If you want to know which exercises I sometimes do instead of the ones on the app, you can click here.
  I used some of these exercises to try to get a nice and lifted bottom. You want to check out those too? Click here.

I hope I helped you a little bit. For those who are in a good shape, it's probably a useless post but for the ones like me, it might be a interesting post. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hello! We love your blog and this post, it's motivated us to exercise more haha! We were wondering if you could check out our new beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog? http://happydreamers.weebly.com Thank you! :)
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  2. Aww, that means a lot to me! I really appreciate that you're taking time to read it! (: I checked it out and followed you on bloglovin, I love the post you've created! They're really original and you're really good writers!xx