vrijdag 20 februari 2015

Fashion/beauty haul

 Hi guys,

new collection is in the shops so I decided to go shopping! I found a few clothes and one beauty thing, something that I've been wanting for a while so now I finally got it!
I hope you enjoy reading it and have a great weekend!

The first thing I got was this gorgeous blouse from Pimkie. Black and white is really a trend now and I saw it and I really thought it was special with the zips and really something that I could where for special events or just for a school day. 
Oh gosh, I'm so happy with this shirt! I love it, it makes it so beautiful with the little collar and the see-through back. I just love it! I found it in the same shop as the black and white blouse, so it's also from Pimkie

This is the last shirt I got, it's from ONLY and it's just a normal shirt but I like the picture on it.

Every girl needs something like this. It's easy to throw on when you're at home and you're cold or in the evenings when you're somewhere else. You can also wear it to school, you just have so much possibilities with it.  By the way, it's from H&M.

The last thing I got from fashion was this jeans, just a normal jeans.

This was something I was so excited to buy! Every beauty blogger says it's a really good powder so I'm deciding to try it. I'll probably do a review on it.

That was everything. I hope you enjoyed it and thank your for reading!

Petite Silke

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