vrijdag 6 februari 2015

My top 5 products that I use for hydrating my skin

Hi everybody

I know that winter is almost over and that I'm a bit late with this but in my country it's still freezing! It's so cold and my whole skin gets unhydrated. So because of that I'm going to show you a few products that I use to hydrate my skin.

First of all it's very important that you drink loads of water.Water prevents a dry skin by hydrating your skin. At night it's the best moment to apply a night cream because your skin can rest at night and it has the time to penetrate your skin. For you apply the night cream you can maybe first tone your face, it dries really quick and it also helps to hydrate your skin.

There are a few products that I use to hydrate my skin but these are my top 5!

This hand cream is sooo lovely! It's from The Body Shop and I know it might be small and look like it's not that much but you really don't need a lot of it. Every time I use it I only need to use a small amount and it helps my hands stay hydrated for almost the rest of the day, I probably use it like 2 times a day. Even though it hydrates your hands so well, it doesn't feel sticky like most hand creams do.  Plus it smells amazing, so I think this hand cream is one of my favs for the winter. In summer I use another one because then I don't need to have such a hydrating hand cream.

This is a hydrating cream for your face from Avène. I can't say much about it because it's just a good one because it also hydrates very well. The only thing I dislike about it is that the smell isn't that good, it doesn't smell bad but also not so good.

For lip balms I chose two because I both absolutely love these but I use them both on a different time a day. This lip balm from Labello (Velvet Rose) I use only in the morning and at night because I think it's very hydrating and it really does a good job, but it doesn't look that good if you have this on your lips. You can see your dry lips even better when you have it on but it only needs a few minutes to hydrate your lips and make your lips look beautiful. But because it doesn't look good in the first minutes I only use it in the morning/evening when I'm still at home or when I'm on my way to school. 

This lip balm from Maybelline ( Baby Lips) is the lip balm I use when I'm at school or when I'm not at home. This is also a really good, hydrating lip balm and when you put it on, your lips look hydrated and it also gives you a little bit of shimmer.

This helped me a lot in the winter. Nivea is really perfect for hydrating your whole body and on any very dry spots. I had the flu twice so my nose was really red and dry from using so much tissues. I'm sure everybody knows the feeling on your nose when you have a cold or something.
But in winter Nivea helped my skin a lot. This is perfect for dry places on your whole body like your arms, your legs or your feet. 

What are your top 5 products that you used during winter time?
Thank you for reading!

Petite Silke

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  2. This is a lovely post! Love finding out what products have been keeping your skin hydrated. All the best of luck with your blog x

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