zaterdag 10 januari 2015

Comfy clothes

Hi guys

so in the weekends, I like to just hang out in my comfortable clothes and don't wear anything to tight. I also like drinking a hot chocolate whilst lying under the blancket.  Here are some of my comfy days essentials (:

Comfy clothes

Vero Moda black velvet top
€20 -

Bobi white racerback tank top
€37 -

Line stretchy tank top
€48 -

ONLY long length top
€40 -

CYNTHIA black velvet top
€26 -

Jack Wills elastic sweatpant
€20 -

a4 spinout notebook
€5,88 -

Yankee Candle traditional home decor
€19 -

I hope you guys enjoyed!
Petite Silke

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