vrijdag 16 januari 2015

My storage

Hi guys

this is my FIRST blog post with my new camera! It's the Nikon D5100 and I really love the quality, it also has a lot of effects and even though it looks like a difficult camera to work with, they explained it very well in the user guide. The only thing I dislike about it, is that when it's a little bit dark or you don't use natural light, the quality reduces immediately. But even though I really like it!
Now I'm going to talk about my storage, my beauty products storage, I'm going to show you some of my essentials and where and how I store it. So I don't own a lot of makeup, that's why I'm taking you guys on my adventure where we discover and try new makeup/beauty products. One of the reasons I don't own a lot of makeup is because I'm 16, so I'm still very young and I don't want to cover my whole face and put all things on it, I still want it to 'rest' a little bit until I'm older. The second reason is because I don't get a lot money. I get pocket money so that's the only money I can spend, my other  money is on the bank because I also want to save money. With that pocket money I need to pay my phone bills and I need to buy clothes and then I don't have a lot money left to buy makeup. So no, I don't own lots of makeup like those big bloggers like Zoe(lla), Tanya Burr, Lauren Conrad. I just want you guys to come with me on our little adventure.
So this is how I storage my beauty products, these are some things I use everyday, I still have some bits and bobs on different places but these are some things I use daily.

So this is my makeup I use pretty much. That's why it is in a little pot so I can grab some things out of it when I'm getting ready.

Big stuff like deodorant, makeup-remover,.. I just put on my desk like this.

Then I bought this little storage box where I put my perfume, nail polishes, handcremes, and other small things. You can buy this pretty much everywhere, I bought this in a drugstore shop (For dutch people: Blokker) but there are also really pretty storage stuff at Ikea.

Then I also put some other things in small boxes, these are just boxes that I got for a birthday or just with a product so I just put some other things in it.

My earrings and necklaces I put on a beautiful doll and the heart where I put all my earrings on is from Christmas, you can see it in a previous blog post (:

You saw a difference in the quality? ((((((:
I hope so!
I really hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you're having a lovely day!

Petite Silke

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hé, heb gezien dat je me volgt op bloglovin', en ben dus ook zelf nieuw voor je blog. Bedankt ;) heb je terug gevolgd!
    Veel succes met de camera, je kan er ongelooflijk veel mee doen eens je weet hoe het allemaal werkt. Ik heb dat ding al bijna 4 jaar en ben mezelf pas aan het toeleggen op alle functies. Als je hem op P zet in plaats van Auto, dan kan je foto's trekken zonder dat de flits steeds op schiet. En dan kan je wat experimenteren met de iso-waarde, iets wat ik recent heb gelezen en dus zelf heel hard mee aan het proberen ben! ;)

    Toi toi! En hoop dat je ook geniet van mijn posts ;) x


  2. Dankjewel Charline!
    Ben veel aan het experimenteren met de camera! Het gaat tot nu toe redelijk goed en probeer veel verschillende dingen uit.

    Heel erg bedankt! Ja, ik vind jou blog ook heel leuk!